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Natural Shape

Lems are specifically designed with the natural shape of the foot in mind. By mirroring the foot’s natural shape, the entire body benefits in a multitude of ways. Lems promote a different foot strike than traditional outdoor shoes with a heel (often referred to as a drop), because your heel is not hitting the ground with as much pressure and force. Lems also contribute to a quicker recovery time, while also strengthening tendons and muscles.

Lems’ natural shape also provides enough room so that your toes can lay organically within the shoe. Allowing your toes more room can improve balance, promote agility, alleviate common toe issues like bunions, increase circulation, and lower risk of injury. It also just feels a lot better after a long workout.

If you’ve never worn a natural, or foot-shaped shoe before they might initially look and feel different. As with anything new, it’s important to give your body time to adjust to exercising, or just generally wearing them. But, we’re pretty confident that once you go natural, you’ll never want anything else on your feet again.

Please note: Some of our styles are wider than others. Please visit our sizing page for more detailed information on each style.

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