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Prevent Stress Fractures with the Proper Footwear

Lems lives by a minimalist philosophy, which is why all of our shoes feature a maximum drop of 4mm, with our entire Barefoot Series possessing a zero-drop. Part of the reason why we’re such big proponents of avoiding the arch and cushioning is because of stress fractures. You probably have enough stress in your life, why would you want to add more?

Minimalist Shoes Can Help Improve Posture and Musculoskeletal Health

We generally associate poor posture with sitting at a desk all day, watching TV for long periods of time, and inadequate physical activity, but our shoes can also lead to poor posture. Making the switch to minimalist shoes can help improve posture and musculoskeletal health over long term wear. 

Fit Troubleshooting: Lacing Techniques for Enhanced Comfortability

Having fit issues? We've outlined some lacing tips and tricks to help make your Lems fit even more comfortably!

Why the Right Shoes May Help Prevent Ankle Injuries

Ankle sprains are among the most common injuries in athletes. Ironically, they often happen outside of an athletic activity, doing an everyday, mundane movement like walking. This article takes you through the different types of sprains, why your footwear matters, and includes a few exercises to build ankle strength.

Six Balance Exercises for Athletes

Performed several times per week, exercises for improved balance will build strength, mobility, and flexibility. Though we don’t realize it, we are balancing with any movement we do, from standing to going up and down the stairs, to running.

How to Transition to Minimalist Shoes from Conventional Shoes

Because conventional shoes can disfigure and weaken our feet, those looking to transition to minimalist shoes will need to go through a break in period.

Wide Toe Box Shoes are Pivotal to Foot Health

Today’s narrow shoes continue to add to the deformation of the human foot, whether we know it or not, and whether we want to accept it or not. Lems aims to stop this trend in its tracks. All of our shoes and boots are designed with a wider than average toe box to allow the forefoot to spread and the toes to wiggle as wide as they’d like.

Avoid Shin Splints with the Proper Footwear

If you’re the type that likes to get-up-and-go, you may also be the type that sometimes gets sidelined by injuries. The last thing you want when you’re adventuring the world is a shin splint, so we’ve put together a list of ways to better enjoy your days without injury. 

7 Exercises to Strengthen the Feet for Optimal Stability

Our feet are the powerhouse of our movement, and yet, they are one of the most neglected parts of the body when it comes to care. Incorporating a routine that includes exercises to strengthen the feet will result in increased athletic performance and reduced injuries.

Winter Hiking Tips to Stay Safe and Comfortable in Cold Weather

Once the cold weather hits, it’s easy to choose the cozy comfort of the warm indoors over getting outside. However, getting outside in the winter means fewer crowds, plus it keeps you in shape and fights those winter blues. With the right gear and planning, winter hiking doesn’t have to equate to discomfort. Follow these winter hiking tips and change how you think about getting outside in cold-weather.

What Are Correct Toes And How Do They Help?

Unless you’ve had a foot injury, you probably don’t spend your time thinking about the best way to prevent yourself from getting one. But once you’ve faced foot injuries or ailments, the need to cure and prevent becomes top priority. Correct Toes was created to reduce the likelihood of injury, strengthen the foot, and, over time, restore feet to their natural position. 

Cleaning Your Shoes In Between Adventures

Did you know you can easily clean your Lems shoes? We know you’re taking them to the trails, on bike rides, out for runs, and in all different types of weather, so they’re bound to get dirty at some point.

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