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Are You Prepared for a 50-Mile March?

JFK believed every able-bodied adult American – especially his military officers – should be able to march 50 miles should the need ever arise. Although his brother Robert was able to complete the "Kennedy March" in Oxford shoes (ouch!), there are much better footwear options available. The loss of a kinesthetic culture has many contributing factors, but society's choice of increasingly impractical footwear is certainly one. 

Primal Pursuit vs. Primal 2 & Trailhead/Mesa: What’s the Difference?

With almost identical names, it’s easy to confuse the Primal 2 with the new Primal Pursuit, however there are key differences between our highly anticipated Primal Pursuit, and the OG Primal 2! In short, the Primal Pursuit is a sort of hybrid of both the Primal 2 and the Trailhead/Mesa.

5 Footwear Myths Explained

Our feet are already designed to do everything we need them to do, without the need to “correct” any foot problems. In reality, traditional footwear is actually causing a lot of the problems we see in our feet!

Do I Need the Shoe Liner that Comes in My Shoes?

Did you know that your shoes come with a removable shoe liner? Understanding their purpose and some common problems associated with keeping them in place may help the wearer choose to keep them in their shoes or not.

5 of the Most Common Foot Injuries (Often Caused by Traditional Footwear)

Many common foot injuries and deformities from running and other athletic pursuits are entirely preventable just by switching your shoes. Traditional shoes can lead to unnecessary injuries because the shape does not adequately accommodate the natural shape of our feet.

A Beginner Guide to Getting Started Hiking

Hiking is not only a great way to get in shape and add some physical activity to your routine, but it builds confidence, reduces stress, and helps you gain new skills. Getting started hiking is relatively simple, but it can definitely be intimidating if you don’t know where to begin.

Understanding Proper Hiking Etiquette: Who Has the Right of Way on Trails?

There are more people than ever hitting the trails on various modes of transportation and speeds. Since the unspoken rules of hiking etiquette can be a bit confusing, understanding how to behave in certain situations will keep the trails enjoyable for all users. Understanding who has the right of way in various situations can be a bit confusing, so we help you break it down. 

7 Tips for Choosing the Right Size Shoe for your Feet

Wearing poor-fitting shoes can lead to a number of foot problems, including general pain, bunions, hammertoes, and other deformities. Before you purchase your next pair of shoes, make sure that you’re getting the right size. Read on to find out how to find out your correct shoe size. 

Factors To Consider When Looking for Minimalist Travel Shoes

Having a tough time deciding what to choose when it comes to selecting the perfect pair of minimalist travel shoes? We’ve put together a list of what matters most when it comes to finding minimalist casual shoes that stand up to the toughest travel criteria.

Prevent Stress Fractures with the Proper Footwear

Lems lives by a minimalist philosophy, which is why all of our shoes feature a maximum drop of 4mm, with our entire Barefoot Series possessing a zero-drop. Part of the reason why we’re such big proponents of avoiding the arch and cushioning is because of stress fractures. You probably have enough stress in your life, why would you want to add more?

Minimalist Shoes Can Help Improve Posture and Musculoskeletal Health

We generally associate poor posture with sitting at a desk all day, watching TV for long periods of time, and inadequate physical activity, but our shoes can also lead to poor posture. Making the switch to minimalist shoes can help improve posture and musculoskeletal health over long term wear. 

Fit Troubleshooting: Lacing Techniques for Enhanced Comfortability

Having fit issues? We've outlined some lacing tips and tricks to help make your Lems fit even more comfortably!

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