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Mens Nine2five Black

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Mens Nine2five Black

Mens Nine2five Black

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Zero-drop work shoe. Ultra-light leather oxford with a Natural-shape™ fit.

Meet the Nine2Five - a dress shoe that has everything you’ve been looking for in footwear for the workday. Ultra-minimalist, zero drop dress shoes that are actually the natural shape of the foot were unheard of until now!  This oxford style shoe features a toebox that is wider than your cubicle and is so lightweight that it’s less ounces than your morning cup of joe. AND unlike that microwavable meal you brought for lunch, these shoes help to promote health! Help realign your posture, improve your gait, and alleviate certain foot ailments such as bunions and hammertoes in these full-grain leather oxfords! Whether on your feet or at a desk, the minimalist dress shoe you have been perusing the internet for when you should be typing up those TPS reports is from Lems Shoes.  So look no further, get yourself a pair, and climb your corporate ladder in the Nine2Five.

  • LAST      LemsLast™ Foot shaped 
  • UPPER   1.6mm full-grain leather with pull-up effect
  • OUTSOLE   9.0mm LemsRubber™ (air-injection rubber)
  • INSOLE   3.0mm removable moisture wicking 
  • STACK HEIGHT   9.0mm (not including 3.0mm footbed)
  • DROP   0.0mm (Zero-Drop)
  • WEIGHT   8.6oz/244g (sz 43)


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    Near-perfect foot-shaped shoe

    Posted by Joseph on Jul 2nd 2015

    Appearance: 10/10 - very dress shoe without looking too casual, easy to keep shined. Durability: 10/10 - Haven't a scuff yet I wasn't able to shine out. Used more roughly than most would in a dress shoe, but no signs of glue separation, sole barely has visible wear thus far. I predict a very above-average life cycle for this shoe. Proprioception: 9/10 - very good, near-barefoot, utilizes/engages most foot & toe muscles. Impressive for a leather-upper shoe. Foot shape: 8/10 - Needless to say, making a factory-produced (non-custom) shoe to fit all shapes & lengths of feet is an impossible task. I was born with triangle-shaped duck feet which, when barefoot & allowed to splay naturally have an almost exact 5 inch measurement from the outside of the big toe to the outside of the pinkie toe. I bought the Nine2Fives along with Correct Toes but have been disappointed since, ironically, while individually both have helped my foot health tremendously I cannot use them together. Separately, I have enjoyed all the true-to-life advertised benefits of both the Nine2Fives and the Correct Toes. However, I cannot wear my Correct Toes in my Nine2Fives without pushing my big and little toes up and over the insole edges (and yes, I am wearing the correct size Correct Toes, and even a size bigger of the Nine2Fives than the Lems sizing chart recommends- which are, I believe, and absolute perfect fit - a 45). I have tried wearing thin or no socks, removing the insole, stretching the toebox leather with professional toe stretchers, all the while holding off writing this review in hopes that constant wear of the shoes with the Correct Toes would break in and create a perfect fit. Instead, my honest and pleading feedback, Lems, is to please consider an extra wide toebox addition to your line, that allows for even a 1/4 if not 1/2 more splay. I seem to be able to wear them without the Correct toes although failing the Lems liner test & the 15% expansion upon impact test, even without the Correct Toes. Serious question- I am aware that different upper materials effect shoe fit. Were I to make my next Lems purchase, say, a pair of Primals, could I perhaps expect a more forgiving fit than the leather upper of the Nine2Fives? Should I go up a size? A 45 still leaves me with a solid inch from the tip of my big toe to the inside of the shoe at the front. Any information would be welcome and I look forward to wearing each of your styles! Thank you, Joseph