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The Perfect Day in Boulder, Colorado

It’s no secret that Boulder, Colorado is an adventure-seeker’s paradise. From sunrise bike rides to moonlit hikes, this little town on the edge of the Rockies offers a myriad of fun activities for anyone who loves the outdoors. It’s also a town on the cutting edge of style and outdoor-wear for the adventure enthusiast. As the home of Lems - the best option for minimalist footwear - I thought it’d be useful to lay out the perfect Boulder day and how each pair of Lems makes it even better.

4:45 am - Wake up to my alarm and go back to bed. Because 4:45 is too early.

5:30 am - Truly wake up and realize my Primal 2s are still on from last night, because they’re so comfortable I forgot to take them off.

6:00 am - After a quick, vegan, gluten free, paleo, free range breakfast, I head out the door to catch a sunrise trail run in Chautauqua. The Primal 2s fit so perfectly that I get in the zone quickly and am able to concentrate on the run and take in the alpenglow that hits the Flatirons every morning.

7:00 am - I switch out of my Primal 2’s for the Trailheads in my backpack as I’ve realized I’ve run so far that I’m on top of Royal Arch. The trail gets a little bit more technical up there so the Trailheads offer the perfect amount of support to get me through the rocky patches on the way back down.

7:30 am - I get back down to town and leave those Trailheads on. As a part of Lems Mountain-to-Town series they’re aesthetically perfect for coming off the trail into my favorite coffee shop.

7:35 am - I head over to the Brewing Market and pick up my go-to morning beverage - their homemade Chai tea with almond milk. My girlfriend meets me there as there’s a 8:00am yoga class at The Little Yoga studio that we’re going to hit up together. Namaste.

8:00 am - I kick off my Trailheads (even though I don’t want to because my feet are already Zen’d out) and roll out my yoga mat. An hour class sets up my mind and body perfectly for the rest of the day.

9:30 am - Hit a quick shower because I’m starting to smell like Boulder in the 60’s, and then change into my work clothes (super casual, because hey - we’re in Colorado) but put on my Nine2Fives to class it up a bit. I get to work and nobody says a thing about me being a little late (again, that Colorado work/life balance), but everyone’s eager to tell me how great my shoes are. I let them know they’re even more comfortable than they look.

12:00 noon - Take my daily hour-and-a-half lunch break, and go down to Boulder Creek for a little hammock session. I kick off those shoes to give my feet a little fresh air.

2:00 pm - Leave work to head over to The Spot Bouldering Gym. Man, I worked a little longer than usual today!... I throw on my new Mesas as they’re perfect dynamic fit for a weight lifting session. I lift weights for about an hour, get some more cardio in and then put on my rock climbing shoes for a little bouldering sesh. I quickly realize how horrible my feet feel in them so I bail.

4:00 pm - I go home and take a nap because let’s be real - I’m pretty tired and naps are awesome.

4:20 pm - Wake up real quick to take my daily medicine and realize I left my shoes on again. Oh well. Back to sleep.

5:30 pm - Throw on my Boulder Boots for a night out with my friends. I’m confident and comfy walking out of the house because these boots are stylish AF and feel great on my feet. Walking down Pearl Street, I feel like my feet are floating on a buttery cloud made from cotton candy… maybe it’s the medicine talking. We head into Leaf and grab a delicious, farm-to-table, calorie free meal while talking about the next 14er we’re all going to hike together. We all grab our locally brewed hoppy IPAs and cheers to “300 days of sun!”

7:30 pm - We head over to the Fox to catch a local band that we’ve known about for a long time - way before they went mainstream... The doorman checks my ID and says “killer boots man.” I give him a nod and let him know they’re LEMS. My friends and I take over a corner of the venue to enjoy the music and cut a rug. My boots stand up to my killer dance moves and after a few drinks, we catch an uber home.

10:00 pm - Back at the house we spark up a nightcap around a fire and I kick my boots off for the last time. Excited for all of tomorrow’s new adventures.

- Brent Weber

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