Ready To (Zero) Drop Your Current Shoes For Zero Drop?

If you know Lems, you know we a good minimalist, zero drop shoe. But since the release of the Mesa, the newest edition to the Mountain-to-Town series, we’ve received a lot of questions about the Mesa and Trailhead’s featured 4mm drop vs our traditional zero-drop shoes, and the most efficient way to transition between the two.


What’s the deal with drop?

“Drop” refers to the slope of the shoe between your heel and your toes. Outside of the Mesa and Trailhead, all Lems’ shoes feature a zero-drop, which means the heel and the toe are parallel. Zero-drop is a beloved feature among hikers and runners that prefer a barefoot feel. For those looking to make a move to barefoot but are accustomed to a traditional shoe, a 4mm drop is the perfect transitional height.



Why should I transition before moving to zero drop?

If you’ve never actively searched for zero drop shoes, it’s pretty likely you’ve never worn them, and because you’ve probably worn shoes with an elevated heel the majority of your life, your Achilles and the lower portion of your calves have neutralized.  Giving yourself a transition period between some level of drop and zero drop will help the muscles redevelop.



I’m ready! Let’s go!

Great! Like we mentioned above, the Lems’ Mountain-to -Town series has a 4mm drop which is the perfect level for transitioning (just for reference, a 4mm drop is about the height of two nickels stacked on top of one another). Once you’ve given your workouts a few weeks to adjust, feel free to jump into a pair of Primals, or any of our other zero drop models — just make sure you take it easy for the first few weeks.

4mm not your prefered Lems style? Fear not, we’ve got more zero drop in the works.

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